A heavy duty spring…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Re-springing Your Step.”


One might not consider having four pounds of rocks in your pockets the ideal way to put a spring back in your step, but I find myself nearly giddy with the possibilities as I skip back uphill the two blocks from Moonstone Beach to my house. My workspace is cluttered with bits of “making” materials, splattered with sludge around where I’ve been drilling holes using my Foredom and a bowl of water and the hum of the vibrating rock tumbler accompanies the task. I say “task” because it certainly is no “chore” to take my time figuring out just the right placement of the hole, practicing patience in not pushing the drill bit too hard (letting the weight do most of the work that I don’t ruin too many diamond drill bits) and basking in satisfaction when a piece of jewelry is complete. I bask in satisfaction of just having a successful treasure hunt and merely fondling the little treasures! My meditation/therapy? Sorting. And then sorting again….sizes, colors, potential projects. And then I move them around again. Just for fun.

Design tip: sort your finds however you desire and then lay them out on packing tape to keep them together until you get to that project! Kind of reminds me of those candy dots stuck to paper strips that you peel off… these will be wabi sabi earrings, I think 🙂


About Lady Tie Di

I acquired the moniker of "Lady Tie Di" (my old radio name, a twist on my name, Dianne, and my creative side...) for a good reason. I make and sell tie dyes on occasion (amongst other things), my cars are often as not works of art and I do like color in my world. I try to spread peace and love where ever I can and to make people smile. And here I am doing something else I love- writing. Door's always open... come on in!
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