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Letting Go With H2O

You know, it’s that good thing/bad thing. Work, that is. Too much right now. Too little at the seemingly wrong times. Too much kid time when you have too much to do, not enough when you want it. Too little … Continue reading

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Endless Highway…

This little fella was the real instigator… The formative years? God help us if I didn’t cram the proper amounts of right and wrong into the heads of my two sons. Shoot, what got crammed into mine as a child? … Continue reading

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Is There a Doctor in the House?

O.k. so he’s not exactly a doctor nor is he planning on becoming one, but my 23 year-old son, Miles, IS studying to be a paramedic. And he just called to tell me he completed his last test this morning … Continue reading

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Small Town, Big Fun

O.k. so this picture (Zachary on top!) was taken at the Mission Prep game the previous Friday night and it looks tweaked weirdly anyway. Well, I didn’t get any pictures from last night’s Coast Union High School game against Mojave … Continue reading

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The Home Stretch

The first day of school this year (August 23 for us) marked the first day of summer, ironically. As cold and dreary a vacation as ever there was, shorts weather coincided with the demand for being mostly indoors in a … Continue reading

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