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No Leprechauns Needed for This Magic

What is it about a rainbow that automatically evokes a smile? There I was just shlepping through my morning when I looked out the back window (since the two back neighbors did such radical tree abatement the last few months, … Continue reading

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Can you ever really have too many shoes?

O.k. this photo does not NEARLY do justice to the most awesomest pair of shoes I believe I’ve ever owned! They are intense shades of orange with crystal jewels on the eyelashes and “cheeks.” I don’t know… it’s things like … Continue reading

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Season of Thanks

I know what my problem has been lately. I’ve been an ingrate. This is not the real me. Honest. I have always prided myself on my optimism, my “default mode” of happiness (thanks for the label, Joe) in the worse … Continue reading

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