Yeah, about me….

“Without gratitude, there is never enough.” (Julio Ollala) I am thankful for having been able to live on the Central Coast of California for thirty years. I am extremely thankful for my two incredibly bright, handsome, loving sons and now for Ed, the love-of-my-life. I’m also grateful for the opportunity to spill all the thoughts I churn out into one place to share with you. Sometimes, I hope, it’s just nice to know you’re not alone.

I’ve lived a full life so far, growing up in Los Angeles with a 5 month stint on the road when I was 16 (towards the end of my time in the city) and ending up in a place of beauty. I’ve worked in Special Education, took care of horses on a ranch, put on heels and a skirt as a cocktail waitress, cashiered in a grocery store, was Executive Director of the local Community Center, was a disc jockey for 13 years and oh, so much more….

It’s been very colorful and I’ve met equally colorful people on the way. I have learned from them and through experience and education and meditation that the true path to a happy life is one lead in complete honesty- with oneself and with the world around you- and with respect, responsibility, peace and creativity.

Whether my writing always reflects this is another story. I do my best. I certainly have the creativity part down. I am not naive. I’ve not had the easiest life (none of us really does). I live by my instinct which has served me well when I was honest and listened to it. It wasn’t wrong, I was for ignoring it! I share openly. I strive to bring peace and beauty to the world. I hope that works for you!

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