’twas the night before Christmas and I finally got the 2013 family letter done….


…and yes, Santa’s workshop is still open, thank you very much for asking….zzzzzzzzzzzzzz……

I have some crazy last-minute ideas for my great niece and nephew to do in the morning as well as some finishing touches on some other gifts for tomorrow’s festivities at my sister’s down in Arroyo Grande and….well, you get the picture. Raise your hand if you’re in the same boat at 10:32 p.m. Christmas Eve!

Pictured are ornaments (who says you can’t decorate with these things all year ’round??!!). My sister, Barbara, and her husband bottle their own wine. With the endless stash of yarn and fabric scraps I’ve got, I figured this was a good use of the corks someone deposited in my studio by the masses. Glue bits on with good ol’ white glue in whatever pleasing fashion you desire or feed seed beads onto pins and put into the cork at random intervals. Fabric ones look very cool sealed with Modge Podge or resin. Add an eye hook from the hardware store on one end and string yarn or cording, etc.  from it. Put an eye hook at the other end of the cork in which to put an ornament hook or string. Hang from trees, lamps, dresser drawers, or where ever you think needs some brightening up!

Merry Christmas or any other holiday you celebrate around now! Sounds awfully cliche but the years just seem to go faster all the time and 2013 was no exception. As I get older I do notice something a little disconcerting- more friends and relatives are dying or perhaps I’m just becoming more aware of it. Lost a couple of friends, my brother-in-law of 37 years as well as the last aunt on the Montgomery side. My mother’s generation is gone. Sigh. We carry on.

Gee, that’s cheery…. Any hoot, the love just grows and grows in my house. And, many of you have asked to know more about Ed’s girls and they’ve agreed to be a part of this goofy tradition of mine. My son’s are cheering that someone else can finally take some of the heat as they’ve been the subject matter of my weekly columns, more often than not :). I met his three lovely ladies back east last year. I am so impressed with their character, very bright and genuine.

Emily is the youngest and here is what she shared with me: ” As far as what to say about the two of us, we live fairly simple lives so there’s not a lot to talk about. Justin works in the IT field for a cable company, and when he’s not doing that he’s gaming.  I’m a manager at a fabric store, and I spend my spare time reading or sewing. I did go to two anime conventions this year and made 6 new costumes for them. But my new love is steampunk, and I had a great time strutting in my aviator duds at a couple steampunk events. You can definitely expect to see more of that, we even have an official name for our steampunk group; The Curious Consortium of Revolutionary Ladies. (photo attached of our debut steampunk outfits)”

This is Emily and her husband, Justin, from their wedding a couple of years ago and her costumed consort, below that-  ImageImage

Emily is second from left and oldest sister, Andrea, is in the middle! Very fun….

Next up the line is Bethany and her husband, Jeff. They are both in a field that boggles my mind- accounting. All the girls have their own homes and these two are putting in a lot of work on their’s right now not to mention getting geared up for that after-the-first-of-the-year tax season! They do some traveling and I hope they get to travel out to California sooner than later!


Last but not least is Andrea and her husband, Pete. Andrea just completed her masters in Psychology this year all the while working full time! She does the Cosplay and (as seen above) steampunk events with Emily. Pete is a mechanic and is great at fixing things…. Just like my honey! 🙂  This is Andrea and Pete from last year at Bethany’s wedding:

Image  That was such a fun trip last year and I really want to get back to see them all again sooner than later. Obviously Ed misses them terribly. It’s hard being so far away.

That brings me to my boys….


This is the first Christmas that neither of my boys will be home. Very weird. Don’t think I like it. HOWEVER, Zachary (on the left) will be turning 21 in January. Seeing as both of them are in the Portland, OR area, Ed and I will drive up there for a late Christmas and B-Day celebration. Zach’s dad, Craig and girlfriend will also go up and I’m hoping Miles’s dad, Woody, will also go. We do have a lot of fun together. I know. I’m a dork and love family gatherings….what can I say.

Zachary is working at a hotel in Forrest Grove. He is also attending Portland Community College while he decides his course in life. He and his girlfriend, Chloe, continue to have fun while they plot their course… 🙂 Still a big sports fanatic, he no longer plays football but has, in fact, become a fan of soccer due to his big brother’s influence!

Miles is working in Portland for Da Vinci (http://www.davincid.com/your-team.html#) (the frowning baby on the far right is my boy….hahahahaha) still. He continues to pursue his dream of ultimately being a paramedic- he took a wilderness rescue training this summer and THAT is really what he wants to do. Meanwhile he works away, attends the Timbers soccer games, reads voraciously and enjoys all the beauty of Oregon.

Me and Ed? Heck, we’re just a couple of happy hippies….


This year, we got five chickens, two of which wound up being roosters. They were delicious. Hey, just needed to know we could “do that” if the need ever came up. A great stew was had with the clucks and the spoils of our garden- potatoes, onions, celery, etc. The three girls are much happier.

We took a marvelous, impromptu vacation in October since work was slow any way. Ed used to live in Moab, Utah so that was our destination.  You know, you can fall in love with someone and tell each other about yourselves but it means that much more when you can actually meet the people and see the places in their stories (meeting his family last year, mid-life adventures this year!). His friends were truly welcoming and fun folks and the terrain was, well, if you get a chance it is WELL-WORTH the effort to get there. We hunted dinosaur bone (just came out of the rock tumbler…. YES!), Indian dwellings and more. Then headed to Durango, CO to visit a young friend, formerly of Cambria and then on down into New Mexico to catch up with my former in-laws whom I love dearly. It was a good and much-needed trip for both Ed and I on many levels. Back into town and things were still quiet. As I write this, the massage world is finally starting to hum again and Ed’s handyman work also is picking up steam again.

More excitingly (in my small head), Ed has a shop here in Cambria who wants to hang his paintings, specifically his Hunter/Gatherer series! Perfect place with fossils, gems and the like. He is so talented and I probably nag him too much about pursuing it further.

ImageThis picture does not do this painting justice…

Me, I am still writing my weekly newspaper column (I hope they’re not as boring as this particular essay!) and just finished my 11th of hopefully only 12 years on the school board.

Okay, my fingers are cramping and even my mind is numb. If you’re still with me here, bless you!

We have some creative ideas for the new year and fully intend to see all our kids more. At least Skype, fer cryin’ out loud!

To you and all of yours (be they human or furry or feathered…or scaly, etc), the best of the new year to you!  Spread Peace!


About Lady Tie Di

I acquired the moniker of "Lady Tie Di" (my old radio name, a twist on my name, Dianne, and my creative side...) for a good reason. I make and sell tie dyes on occasion (amongst other things), my cars are often as not works of art and I do like color in my world. I try to spread peace and love where ever I can and to make people smile. And here I am doing something else I love- writing. Door's always open... come on in!
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