Christmas Letter 2012

Decor 2012

Christmas Letter 2012

Well, well, well… One more year down. I know it’s cliché but where did this one go? Thank you for indulging me, here in electronic form, to answer that very question.

I’ll spare you the parts about the amazing sunsets we’ve had here in Cambria this year, phenomenal weather and just enough work to go around. The roof, termites and all (the landlord promises to do something about that in Spring), is still over our head and we’ve plenty to eat. We’re pretty darned healthy and happy (no meds, no major injuries just a few more pounds). What more could anyone want?

Ed and I are quite content and have had some milestones. But, first, our kids.

Miles is still living in Portland, Oregon area, working for a tech company called DaVinci. Go here (that’s him!) and here (last column on the right, little grumpy looking baby, hahahaha- click on it) and you can see for yourself he really works there! He’s been working so much, in fact, his paramedic studies are on hold until further notice. Still the avid soccer fan (Go Timbers!), he himself has taken to running yearly in the Portland to Coast relay. I think he’s also involved in other such events but I have to wait to hear about them past tense…. Ahem. Very proud of him and how hard he works and the wonderful person is.

Zachary finished his first year in college. Four year university is not necessarily his gig at the moment so he is now attending Portland Community College, which I’m excited about for him.  Nursing? Nutrition? Personal Trainer… all on his “possible” list. He has a delightful girlfriend, Chloe, who is also in school. I think she’s good for him as he’s been calling home regularly (unless he just heard me whine about the lack of calls from his older brother!). He is still living there near Portland in Forest Grove and is adjusting to the cold and lack of sunshine. He and his roommate have a lot of friends and a lot of fun. I’m proud of him too, for figuring it out!

I adore my boys and I miss them very much.

February 15th was the one-year mark for Ed and I meeting and April was a year mark for living together. Sigh 🙂 Big news for us this year was we both attended, from January to the end of April, Hypnotherapy classes north of San Francisco. A lot of driving, every weekend, but, we truly enjoyed the experience and are now Certified Hypnotherapists.
We both feel the school we attended was top notch. The skills learned fit our lives and beliefs so well for ourselves and those we seek to help . We are slowly trying to build a business here around hypnotherapy.

Another huge milestone was my first trip ever to the east coast. But, more than just that, it was to meet Ed’s family- his middle daughter, Bethany, got married in June. She and his other daughters, Emily and Andrea, and all their husbands were absolutely beautiful and welcoming. A lovely wedding, green countryside there in Pennsylvania and I SO look forward to getting to know them better! His mother and sisters (one in New York) also made me feel right at home and for that I am very grateful. If you’re on Facebook, go here to see photos from our trip: (The east coast trip spilled immediately over into Live Oak Music Festival which is always fun, in the hills above Santa Barbara.)

Ed, too, misses his girls, very much and is incredibly proud of all of them! So am I!

Ed has been very busy of late with a remodel job, doing everything from plumbing to rewiring to tile and all. He’s not had much time for painting so our Christmas linoleum block print is the extent of his creative pleasure right now. I hope he can get back into the studio soon!

I am still writing my weekly newspaper column in The Cambrian. Massage business waxes and wanes with the tourist season- thank goodness for local regulars! My big janitorial job that assures rent is made ended in November. That was the impetus for finally opening my Etsy store. If you don’t know, Etsy is an online marketplace of all handmade goods. People have their individual virtual stores and sell their wares there. Go here to see mine (just barely getting’ it goin’…more jewelry and ties dyes, etc., to soon fill it!)  More shameless advertising:…. okay, okay, enough!

I shan’t bore you any more… Hope all is well with you and yours. PLEASE come to visit any time! Our door is always open. We love you all!

Peace, Dianne and Ed, Miles and Zachary

P.S. I send out my love and blessings to the friends and relatives I’ve lost this year or who are slowly transitioning to the next plane. My heart goes out to those who miss them. Thank you to Karen and John, Ed’s folks, who so generously put us up, even buying a new bed for the guest bedroom! And to Andrea for also letting us stay there and turning me onto the new experience of fireflies… OH MY GOSH!!!! I felt like such a kid and you and Pete were so sweet! You all were. Thanks also to Tim and Nancy for inviting us to an absolutely fun, fun, fun weekend at your cabin in Oakhurst and Bass Lake- you two rock! And I’m honored to have made the acquaintance and friendship of so many incredible people in our Hypnotherapy classes including our main instructors, Randal Churchill and Cheryl Canfield and especially our friends, Gayle, Prabha and Clark! I miss you all! Thanks to Jill and Betts for putting us up several weekends there in Berkley in your beautiful home while we were in classes.

I am truly blessed with a beautiful community, many amazing friends…. just so much joy and beauty- I wish that for you as well!

About Lady Tie Di

I acquired the moniker of "Lady Tie Di" (my old radio name, a twist on my name, Dianne, and my creative side...) for a good reason. I make and sell tie dyes on occasion (amongst other things), my cars are often as not works of art and I do like color in my world. I try to spread peace and love where ever I can and to make people smile. And here I am doing something else I love- writing. Door's always open... come on in!
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