Letting Go With H2O

You know, it’s that good thing/bad thing. Work, that is. Too much right now. Too little at the seemingly wrong times. Too much kid time when you have too much to do, not enough when you want it. Too little relationship with someone when you want it, too much when you’re in it. Funny how that works. I needed to change my perspective. Hmmmmm, water therapy… 

Lying in the tub last night, I was listening to the ocean yelling through my open window. I love that window. Right in the shower. One can’t be shy about bathing in broad daylight with it standing there by your side, soapy glass exposing what little oomph you have… if you get my drift. But, I digress…

I was weary from the days of late- my son ended his high school football career the previous Friday night in the game (torn MCL, ACL AND cartilage); he and his dad and I had already drawn weapons over his high school placement (now a moot point- see earlier blog post); for some reason people with expendable income have been coming to Cambria to seek stress relief through massage (yay, I can pass along their money to the mechanics tomorrow and my kids!) and now I’ve accepted the offer to be a part of an artist’s cooperative (more or less) gallery here in town. That means, I’m going to fulfill one of my dreams to sell my “stuff” in a bonifide store front. That means I’m gonna have to give up my sacred insecurities and get my butt into my studio and let all those creative fairies out of their cages. 

Spacing out, manipulating the bubbles over my bumps and bulges, I was thinking back to one of my first thoughts upon being “let go” from radio station K.O.T.R. way  back in 1999- “I’ll just get my art career going and open up Lady Tie Di’s Eclectic Emporium of Great Goods with my work and others’ and a thrift shop and craft classes and music jams and poetry readings…” I finally have an online site with that name. But, you know where I wanted to open the real deal? In the same location this gallery is except the buildings hadn’t been “improved” yet as they are now. Serendipity?

So, as the waves crashed symphonically through the bathroom window (no nod to the Beatles here, sorry) I let their implied strength wash over me along with the lavender bath salts, to soothe my worries away, let my mind wander through the “how about this’s” and “why not’s” and soon my work-weary hands started to open up to all the possibilities as did my very over-stuffed mind. 

Yes, water- it’s what every body needs. 🙂

About Lady Tie Di

I acquired the moniker of "Lady Tie Di" (my old radio name, a twist on my name, Dianne, and my creative side...) for a good reason. I make and sell tie dyes on occasion (amongst other things), my cars are often as not works of art and I do like color in my world. I try to spread peace and love where ever I can and to make people smile. And here I am doing something else I love- writing. Door's always open... come on in!
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1 Response to Letting Go With H2O

  1. Kirsten says:

    Too bad we aren't given a peek into the future when we're denied what we want when we want. So glad the fates are smiling on you now — no one deserves it more!

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